Best hangover cures and the results! Get rid of your hangover!
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Best hangover cures and the results! Get rid of your hangover!

Testing best hangover cures and the results

In this best hangover cures video we will show you what causes hangovers and the best hangover cures to beat it. This video will be a godsend if like me you can’t resist a good party! The guys in the video get drunk and test each hangover cure and explain the results!

Sign me up, getting paid to get drunk sounds great! What a cushy job.

What is a hangover?

A hangover is the after effects of consuming large amounts of alcohol. some people experience hangovers from only a few drinks! A hangover is your bodies way of telling you that you drank far to much and is struggling getting rid of all those nasty toxins!

Will alcohol damage my liver?

Yes, alcohol abuse or binge drinking can greatly affect the liver and it’s functions. The liver is a fascinating organ that filters all the bad stuff out of our bodies and does this quite efficiently. Prolonged alcohol abuse scars the liver reducing its ability to function properly, if this abuse carries on the liver can fail.

What will happen if my liver fails from alcohol abuse?

I hope to god none of you get to this point. If your liver fails dialysis will be needed to filter your blood or you will not survive. In really bad cases you will need an organ transplant to replace your liver, this is an extremely life invasive procedure.

After having a liver transplant your body could reject it, meaning it won’t work. Once a liver has been transplanted into a recipient they have to take a plethora of tablets daily to ensure rejection doesn’t happen, also to keep the body healthy.

Have you or anyone you know suffered from alcoholism or had a transplant? It would be great if you could share your story to warn others of the dangers.

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Can Science get rid of hangovers?…Lets find out.

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