Top 10 Banned foods video from around the world!
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Top 10 Banned foods video from around the world!

Top 10 Banned foods video from around the world!

Hello fellow foodies, today I will show you the top 10 banned foods video from around the world and exactly why they are banned! Trust me, you will be glad they are!

Bet you didn't know Kinder eggs were banned in the USA? Why? well its all because of the 1938 foods and drugs act that forbids any kind of foods/sweets, concealing toys that are potentially a choking hazard!

They are pretty strict on this matter to, confiscating around 60,000 per year. Get caught trying to enter the USA with a Kinder Egg and expect a $1,200 fine per egg! Wow, they are serious!

Some foods are banned for serious health reasons!

I'm not saying choking on a kinder egg toy isn't serious, but foods like Mountain Dew contain a substance called brominated vegetable oil. Brominated vegetable oil is quite toxic, one case reported a man losing the ability to see and walk after consuming the substance!

Although Mountain dew in the USA still uses it if its kept below 15 parts per million. The rest of the world has banned it altogether. Americans report that the mountain dew we have in the UK tastes completely different to the USA version, and not as good!

Think I'd rather pass on the chemical version and keep my ability to walk and see thanks 🙂

You can't chew gum in Singapore!

You heard me right! Singapore completely banned chewing gum in 1992, the results speak for themselves. Singapore's streets soon became cleaner as a result of no one spitting out chewing gum.

The Singapore government later relaxed the outright ban on chewing gum, you can only get it if it's sugar-free and it's prescribed by a doctor. For therapeutic reasons!

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