Top 100 Science experiments to do at home!
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Top 100 Science experiments to do at home!

Top 100 Science experiments to do at home

Watch how to do these top 100 science experiments at home. Great for getting the kids interested in science and all the fascinating things you can do with it. Saying that I'm sure most adults will be having a go at some of these experiments, I know I will!

What is science?

Science is a way of studying the natural and physical world through means of experiments and study. Science is used in a great deal of things like the way NASA studies the universe, Science can also be fun, get the children involved and interested experimenting with the ideas shown in this video.

Is science useful?

Yes extremely, Science has helped the human race with many things, like medical science. If it wasn't for scientific breakthroughs things like X-Ray machines wouldn't be around. So in a nutshell we need science to evolve as a race and continue to uncover the wonders of the universe!

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