Top 5 kickstarter scams fooled everyone!

Top 5 kickstarter scams fooled everyone!

Top 5 kickstarter scams fooled everyone !

In this video we will show you the Top 5 kickstarter scams fooled everyone, from the underwater gills for humans, to the miracle water bottle.

What is a Kickstarter fund?

A Kickstarter fund is a website for raising funds (money) for new ideas and inventions, you start a fund off describing your idea and the amount of funding you would need to make it a reality. Investors then pledge any amount they choose towards the project usually in return for either a stake in the business or a working model before it hits the market.

The problem with Kickstarter and Indigogo

The problem with this type of revenue raising is that many people are falling for ideas that simply are impossible to make at this moment or are extremely unviable. Some people as stated in the video above, have actually sat down and done the math's on these items, and proved there is no chance in hell that they would work!

The human gills for example, stated a Human diver could breath under water for up to 45 mins. Some clever clogs rubbished the statement, declaring there would be nowhere near enough oxygen pumping through the gills to support human life under water, not to mention nowhere to store the gases during use.

This caused a recall of the product and its Kickstarter page, not long after the product re launched stating the human gills used tiny oxygen tanks! Quite a misdirection in the first place I think!

Crowdfunding has created a lot of good!

Don't get me wrong, crowdfunding sites like Indigogo have created many new entrepreneurs and great inventions, just sometimes an extremely over ambitious project arrives and everyone falls for it.

We need websites like this to give the little guy a hand, as it were!

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