Unboxing $20,000 Smartphone, meet the Sirin Solarin!
Photo Credit To Sirin Solarin

Unboxing $20,000 Smartphone, meet the Sirin Solarin!

Unboxing $20,000 smartphone Sirin Solarin

This is one of the most expensive cell phones in the world the Sirin Solarin ! In this video the unboxing 20000 smartphone Sirin Solarin, looks like something from the matrix.

Have $20,000 or £15,455 to spare? Would you consider paying so much for an android phone?

Who makes the Sirin Solarin?

A company called Sirin Labs are the masterminds behind this ridiculously expensive android smartphone. Sirin are a fairly new contender in the world of smartphones. After an initial stage of 2 years in research and development, Sirin launched their first smartphone the Solarin in 2006.

What features should I expect on a Sirin Solarin smartphone?

The main selling aspect of the Solarin is its ultra high-end encryption mode, to access this mode users have to flick a switch on the rear of the phone. Once you’re in encryption mode the phone switches all its settings leaving you with a screen to make only calls and messages! This secret mode only allows pre-installed secure numbers to communicate with you.

The video unboxing 20000 smartphone Sirin Solarin will explain all!

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