Very funny killer clown pranks viral video,The best of viralvideos

Very funny killer clown pranks viral video,The best of viralvideos

Very funny killer clown pranks viral video, the best of viralvideos

Some great very funny killer clown pranks viral video caught on camera. The best of viralvideos all in one place. Which one is your favourite? Clowns at well hated across the world, no wonder with videos like these around!

What is a killer clown?

The term killer clown is a person dressed up as a clown but in an extremely dark way, using scary makeup tactics and having sharp-pointed teeth. Killer clowns go around scaring people for fun and to create a media frenzy. Last year sightings all over the world of killer clowns just hanging around streets hit the news, although these clowns did no harm people were terrified!

I think I have a phobia of clowns, what's it called?

Many people have a phobia of clowns, especially the killer clown variety and for good reason. Films like It trigger fears, watch this video on how to eliminate your fear of clowns and Coulrophobia!

People with this certain clown phobia are called, Coulrophobia. The phobia usually stems from a traumatic clown experience as a child, this stays into adulthood and over the years the phobia grows bigger due to over imagination.

Can Coulrophobia (phobia of clowns) be cured?

Unfortunately there is no treatment for the phobia of clowns! A person can alleviate the condition by conditioning themselves. Watch stupid and funny videos of clowns hurting themselves, or being silly helps some individuals.

Whilst over people find help watching a person apply clown makeup, why? Well the psychology around this method is the fear of the unknown, who is the person behind the mask? Applying this method removes the barrier of the unknown!

I feel ashamed of my clown phobia!

First and foremost, never be ashamed of who you are or any phobia you may have. Millions of people worldwide from children to adults suffer from Coulrophobia (fear of clowns) so you're not alone. Try the techniques above and see if they help your fear in some way. Let me know in the comments if they help?

Like my very funny killer clown pranks viral video? leave a comment below of your experience with clowns or how Coulrophobia affects you.

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