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idiots at work

Funny viral videos

Watch complete idiots work videos! A new level of stupidity.

Watch complete idiots work videos, the funniest captured vidoes around the web.

atch complete idiots work videos 2017. You think you have seen it all?, not until you have seen this bunch of idiots!
Very funny viral videos shown here daily for the masses!. You really can’t teach stupid can you.

What defines an idiot?

An idiot is someone that doesn’t think before their actions, for example thinking it would be a good idea to climb into a cement mixer, what the hell did they think would happen? Idiocy can be extremely dangerous though when it comes to the work place, many people have been seriously hurt, remember the ice bucket challenge? One guy decided it would be funny to use an excavator, using the excavator bucket full of water to tip on his friends head, have you seen it ? It goes horribly wrong and he hits his mate in the head with the bucket knocking him clean out!

Some people just act like idiots to make people laugh

Yes it’s true, there is a new kind of idiot, a person who is quite intelligent in fact, they dumb their selves down and do stupid things to make people laugh. This is a way to make new friends, or be the life and soul of a party. Do you have that mate? or know someone? I know I do, in fact I know a few.

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