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Where to Market Your Videos Online

Where to market your videos online

Video is one of the most successful social & content strategies for online marketing. Making engaging, attention grabbing videos to help market your business, is an absolute must. So, assuming you have already met this prerequisite, how do you target your videos correctly online?

We are inundated with social media channels and as a result, the social media landscape is becoming more and more confusing for a lot of people. For business, social media is still very much an untapped resource. As much as many businesses are already online and represented on social media, many of them are doing so without any sort of strategy behind it. In a nutshell, they maintain social media accounts for their business for lack of a better idea.

The thing with social media is – it’s time consuming. So, if tweeting 20 times a day doesn’t convert any sales, why are you bothering? This article aims to help educate readers on the demographics of key social media channels. In knowing where your target audience hang out, you can not only target them with greater accuracy, but you can also remove unnecessary work in maintaining content in channels that are less relevant to your business.

The channels being investigated include:

  1. Facebook
  2. Twitter
  3. Instagram
  4. YouTube
  5. Pinterest
  6. LinkedIn

So, let’s get started.


Facebook is still irrefutably the highest performer in terms of user base. Facebook boasts a massive 1.15 billion daily users. This is equivalent to one of the largest countries in the world – in terms of numbers alone. Females tend to make up the majority of users in terms of gender, and there is a roughly even spread across urban, suburban and rural areas globally. User incomes and educational are also more or less evenly spread, with representation across the full spectrum (from low to high). The largest following is unsurprisingly younger users, with the age bracket of 18 – 29-year olds being the largest user group. The next most engaged age bracket is the 30 – 49-year olds, but there is still good usage in older age groups.


Twitter has 330 million active users. Twitter is used as the platform for social customer service, where customers vent their frustrations publicly for faster responses. Twitter users are almost split down the middle, with almost half male and half female users. Tweeters lean toward the well-educated and higher income ends of the spectrum in terms of user demographic. There is a slightly higher usage in urban users but, users are almost equally represented across all locations globally. The Twitter user base is still predominately young, where it is popular to follow celebrities and brands for continuous real-time updates. Older audiences are not well represented on Twitter, with a mere 10% being 65+.


Instagram hosts 600 million active users. It is well accepted that Instagram attracts a younger user base. In fact, 18 – 39-year-old comprise 92% of the total Instagram user base. That’s HUGE! If you’re target audience fits into this age bracket, and you are not focusing your efforts on perfecting your video strategy toward Instagram users, you are missing out. It is the perfect hub for reaching this younger audience of users. In terms of gender, females dominate on Instagram. Urban users also dominate, although surprisingly, rural users are more engaged than suburban users globally. User income and education tend to be more toward the lower end of the spectrum. No surprises here as the userbase is so young overall.


YouTube currently boasts 1 billion active monthly users. The YouTube demographic is male dominated. The biggest single category used is Gaming, with young males watching “How-to’s” in unprecedented numbers. This is closely followed by sports videos, and technology ‘how-to’ videos. There are of course female users on YouTube, and for these users, make-up is the leading category consumed. Skin care ‘how-to’ videos and weight loss ‘how-to’ videos are some of the next most popular categories for these users. Knowing your YouTube audience means you have greater targeting when marketing your video content towards them. In terms of age categories, YouTube has an almost-equal representation of different age groups. This is one of the few social media channels that is better for targeting older audiences, as many other social platforms tend to have a heavier following within younger age brackets.


Pinterest is well established now, with an audience of 175 million+ monthly users. This is growing. Interestingly, Pinterest has the biggest gender split of all social channels, with female users outnumbering male users almost 3:1. Again, the biggest user category is comprised of young suburban users. BUT, on Pinterest, there are also some of the best engagement rates for mature users. Compared to other social media platforms, Pinterest is one of the best for reaching older female users (44% of their user base). The Pinterest user base is more highly educated and has a very balanced representation across all income tiers as a result.


LinkedIn is an interesting ‘social media’ channel. It has been the topic of hot debate as to whether it can be considered social media as such, as it is predominantly a business networking – and doesn’t offer any benefit or reason to use for purely social purposes. LinkedIn currently boats 460 million registered users. It is the number one platform used for ‘professional networking’ globally. It tends toward an urban, male-dominated user base, which is no great surprise considering this represents the greatest category of business professionals. Despite larger representation of older of users (20% of users being 65+ years old), most LinkedIn users do still fit into younger age brackets. This channel is fantastic for B2B marketing, targeting specific job titles and of course targeted marketing toward an older male demographic.

The first step toward focusing your video marketing toward the right channels online, is to first determine which categories your target audience fall into. Once you have determined this and have developed video content toward this user base that is relevant, engaging and interesting to them, you now know where to market these videos online for the best chance of success. Remember, it is easy to get sucked into over-using or over-committing to social media accounts that may not be performing (or even relevant) to your business needs. Get back to basics and focus your time and efforts on those online channels most likely to support your success. It is a complex world on social media, so by applying the tips detailed above, you can simplify and apply your video marketing online to greater effect.

About the Author

Shelley has a background in Psychology and Digital Marketing, with a career spanning the entire corporate spectrum, from start-ups to some of the world’s largest organisations. Shelley is particularly interested in Consumer Psychology, Marketing Automation Technologies and Influencer Marketing.

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