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scared of clowns It video

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Why people are scared of clowns It,Coulrophobia

So why are people scared of clowns especially with films like It making things worse. The fear of clowns is called Coulrophobia.

eople are scared of clowns due to crazy films like It. Coulrophobia (the fear of clowns) is caused with people seeing the abnormal faces and feet etc of clowns to be frightening.

Many films have been produced which invoke this fear onto people and you don’t even have to be born with it, the fear can manifest as an adult!

Being scared of clowns It happens anytime!

Watch the film It and you will instantly know if you are one of these people, hopefully not as more and more people are emerging as coulrophobics.

Don’t be scared of clowns It has nothing he can do to you, just like the rest of the idiot clowns.

I am personally not a coulrophobic, which with all the killer clowns about during the It film is probably a good thing!

I see killer clowns as sad and pathetic, I would probably punch one in the face if they came at me with a fake chainsaw or knife.

But that’s just me personally 🙂 so killer clowns from It or wherever you come from take that as a warning.

Can Coulrophobia the fear of clowns be cured? Yes, most definitely It can. So don’t fear the clown phobia will disappear!

Exactly, don’t fear the clown phobia will disappear! How?

First off the fear is an irrational thought produced within yourself through horror films, or a bad time with a clown as a child.

Experts like counsellors and psychologists recommend treatment by watching a person start from scratch applying their makeup and clown costume so you start to relate the clowns to a real person and not some knife wielding psychopath.

Killer clowns are nothing but some idiot running around getting cheap frills on the back of scaring the shit out of people.

Also try dressing up as one yourself, the way this may help is also securing in your mind that your just a person dressed up just like fancy dress.

You know its you underneath the costume and makeup and you know you are not about to start murdering everyone you come across.

Clowns are meant to be fun and stupid, think this next time you see one. Maybe think that a killer clown like It is just suffering and needs to be loved.

All that said, you will be cured of your fear. See a professional and you’ll soon be able to shrug off those idiot clowns.

Scared of clowns It has nothing on you now!

Enjoy and hope this video about the fear of clowns like It really helps you out, good luck 🙂

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