Woman walks around naked wearing body paint!
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Woman walks around naked wearing body paint!

Woman walks around naked wearing body paint

Woman walks around naked wearing body paint in public places gauging reactions. Would you have the balls to try this out? A model Julie Nolan volunteered to take part in an experiment conducted by Buzz Feed to walk around in public completely naked!

Julie was hugely self-conscious about her body, whether she was skinny enough, if she had cellulite... the usual self doubts, but she continued ahead anyway. Julie said that after the social experiment had ended that she felt extremely empowered! Go Julie!

Who was the artist that painted Julie's body?

The very talented artist was a Los Angeles based body artist named Pashur. This guys attention to detail is incredible, the rips and pockets on the painted on blue jeans are so lifelike! Pashur also paints a white top on Julie's upper body then she gets sent out into the wild so to speak.

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Post source : Buzz Feed

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