Worlds biggest dog Hulk weighs whopping 175lbs
Photo Credit To Dog Dynasty

Worlds biggest dog Hulk weighs whopping 175lbs

Worlds biggest dog Hulk

The worlds biggest dog Hulk is massive for a pitbull, This big fella's litter demands a premium $500,000 price tag! We're not surprised as Hulk is a one-off and a celebrity in his own right! Wouldn't want to bump into this monster of a dog on a dark night, that's for sure!

Hulk is bred at Dark Dynasty K9

A husband and wife team whose business is called Dark Dynasty K9'ssituated in the beautiful white mountains of New Hampshire, US set up a specialist dog training and breeding school back in 2004. Marlon and his wife Lisa Grennan are extremely well-known in the security business, and the Hollywood movie scene, for training and breeding the finest XL American pit-bulls in the world.

Marlon is the son of famous Reggae innovator Winston Grennan, this is where Marlon gets his strong leadership qualities from which he uses when he trains his dogs. The husband and wife team currently have 25 dogs in which a strong pack leader is extremely important, especially when you are walking all of them at once, control is needed.

How much do Hulks pups cost?

Hulk is a unique American pit-bull, so his litter demand a premium as he's one of a kind. When Hulk fathers a litter be expected to be paying around the half a million mark! No, seriously, that's how sought after Hulk is. Think I will just stick with the normal kennel dogs thanks, my budget definitely will not stretch to that!

The worlds biggest dog Hulk, is a 12 stone, 175 pound gentle giant, but still you wouldn't want to piss this dog off, he could snap a man's arm with a single bite!

Have you seen a bigger pit-bull? or own an abnormally large dog? If so I would love to hear from you in the comments below!

Post source : Dog Dynasty

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