Worlds most expensive everyday items!
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Worlds most expensive everyday items!

Worlds most expensive everyday items

The worlds most expensive everyday items in this video are ridiculously priced, Take the gold toilet roll costing a staggering 1.2 million dollars! Who the hell has 1.2 million to spend on toilet roll? Or even the Harrods Pot Noodle that comes with a fork and napkin costing $40, saying that the proceeds from the pot noodle go to charity so good on you Harrods, big thumbs up!

Living the life of luxury

Us everyday mere mortals can only dream of such luxuries, whilst the rich and famous frivolously spend on unnecessary items like those in the video above. Take for example the spherical ice cubes, I mean come on there are children dying of thirst all over the world and all people care about is the shape of a fucking ice-cube!... Get a grip!

Don't even get me started on the astonishingly expensive 1.2 million dollar toilet roll! Use the 1.2 million to do some good with, not to wipe shit from your puckered up but hole!

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