Worlds largest Hornet the Asian Giant Hornet will kill you!
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Worlds largest Hornet the Asian Giant Hornet will kill you!

Worlds largest Hornet the Asian Giant Hornet video

Worlds largest Hornet the Asian Giant Hornet is a type of wasp living in South-East Asia. The Giant Hornet has killed countless people and is not to be messed with. This Hornet is massive! This video will explain a few facts about the dangerous insect and a surprising fact about the link between an energy drink and Hornets.

What is a Hornet?

A Hornet is a flying insect similar to a wasp but much bigger and much more deadlier. They range in size and some species like the Asian Giant Hornet in this video grow up to 2.2 inches or the size of an adults thumb!

The Giant Hornet has a stinger 6mm in length that packs an almighty punch, some say it feels like a red-hot nail being forced into your skin! Ouch, that hurts!

The Hornets larvae secrete an energy serum called VAAM (Vespa amino acid mixture) which is eaten by the workers as food, this energy serum is used by drinks manufacturers for energy drinks. The energy drinks made from hornets serum is said to slow down lactic acid build up in humans and give energy.

The female of the species is more deadly than the male!

The male workers or drones lack a stinger, only the females have a stinger. Watch out guys these ladies are out to kill!

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