Worlds top 10 deadliest drugs video
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Worlds top 10 deadliest drugs video

Watch the worlds top 10 deadliest drugs video it will shock you

In this video I will show you the scary and devastating effects of the worlds top 10 deadliest drugs and even drugs you have never heard of!Take the drug Krokodil, users only have a life expectancy of up to a year from the start of using.

Krokodil is a mixture of gasoline, eye drops and codeine, users inject this euphoric cocktail of devastation. The effects of Krokodil are so extreme that once injected the drug eats you body from the inside out!

Krokodil causes your skin to rot and resemble the look of a crocodiles skin, hence its name Krokodil. this is one drug you do not want to be around! So it definitely deserves first place in our list of worlds top 10 deadliest drugs!

I thought Heroin was the worst drug in the world?

Yes, me too for quite a while growing up, but then you find out there's a whole bunch of other scary drugs around the world that somehow take the spotlight. I'm not saying Heroin isn't bad, because hell, it certainly is, else it wouldn't be on this list.

Heroin devastates in its own way consuming a person's life, unlike Krokodil that kills you rapidly within a year by rotting your body! Now that's scary as hell!

Why are drugs deadly?

Drugs are highly addictive and cause people to depend on them. Once a user is hooked to a certain drug they change the way they function in general life, from stealing from family and friends to not eating or sleeping for days on end!

A drug slowly destroys a person inside and out, causing serious health complications and death! Some drugs even eat away at your flesh exposing bone and muscle tissue.

A drug controls you! You don't control it!

Watch how Portugal has controlled the war on illegal drugs and how they have revolutionised the way they treat addicts!

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