Worlds worst Tattoo infection video, You might be sick!

Worlds worst Tattoo infection video, You might be sick!

Worlds worst Tattoo infection video

This video is absolutely disgusting! Now you know why everyone tells you to go to a reputable Tattooist ! This worlds worst Tattoo infection video will put you off for life. The amount of puss and blood that comes out of this poor guys back is horrifying! This video should serve as a warning to all who want a Tattoo, The last thing in the world you want is a Tattoo infection. You could end up with septicemia and be seriously ill.

For a detailed and comprehensive guide to Tattoo's for beginners head over to Jens 42 tattoo tips for beginners! There's all you need to know if your new to the world of Tattoo's. It's a great read!

What is a Tattoo?

A Tattoo is a permanent way of creating body modification on your skin, The Tattooist uses an ink, pigments and dyes to either temporarily or permanently change the pigment in the dermis layer of your skin. Once a design has been chosen and drawn, the Tattooist transfers the design to your skin then starts to create the Tattoo with a Tattooing machine which uses either a single needle or a group of needles to insert the inks into your skin. The electric Tattoo machine inserts the needles into your skin at a rate of around 80 - 150 times a second!

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