Worst arm wrestling broken arm videos 2017!

Worst arm wrestling broken arm videos 2017!

These professional and non professional arm wrestlers end up snapping Peoples arms during a wrestle!

Arm wrestling has been around for years, this is the worst arm wrestling broken arm videos 2017 ever!

Arm wrestling is a way to prove whose arm is the strongest between 2 people. But it's not always the case, as techniques has a lot to do with it as well!

The video above is a compilation of the worst arm wrestling accidents we could find, be warned they are not pretty and you will cringe!

What's the most typical break in my arm during an arm wrestle?

worst arm wrestle arm break videos 2017

The most typical arm break injury an arm wrestler sustains is snapping the upper arms Humorous bone.

The Humorous bone is under immense pressure during an arm wrestle, the amount of torsion produced causes the break. Most people are not used to this kind of stress on the Humorous!

It is known in the industry as the 'break arm' position, it happens between the elbow and the shoulder and causes it to break diagonally.

Yes, it's extremely painful as with most other bone breaks!

So you could say, it's not that Humorous after all 🙂

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