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protesters go worldwide wearing yellow jackets

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Yellow jackets grow worldwide – strength in numbers

Yellow jackets continue to grow in numbers taking the EU by storm!

The yellow vest or yellow jacket movement, have gained momentum and spread worldwide. In a bold move, protesters in Ireland have joined the cause, followed by the UK.

The fast paced protests have caused thousands in criminal damage, including recently a toll station in Bandol, southern France, was burned to the ground ending with 17 people in custody.

The toll station had been occupied by around 50 protesters for a solid month. Marie, one of the 50 strong yellow jacket protesters recently told French radio:

“Macron doesn’t understand the soft way. That’s why we’re doing it the hard way.”

Marie – Yellow jacket protester occupying French toll station.

In a bid to end the masses, the Police nationale along with the
National Gendarmerie began clearing roadblocks. Faced with little opposition from the protesters, due to being massively overwhelmed by the police!

Another yellow jacket named Julian, part of one-of-many makeshift camps had this to say:

“Police moved us off the roundabout but this isn’t the end of the movement.”

Furious protesters began making their way to the motorway and proceeded to block 2 lanes, in a desperate bid to keep control in that area.

Protesters have took to UK and Ireland streets

“Yellow Jacket” protesters have stormed London in a bid to end Brexit and in support of the French.

A group of 60 plus protesters stood outside parliament chanting:

“What do we want? Brexit! When do we want it? NOW!”

Brexit protesters outside Parliament
yellow jacket brexit protesters storm Westminister Bridge
Protesters storm Westminister Bridge in bid to end Brexit with a no deal

Protesters were moved away from Westminister Bridge, but proceeded towards Tower bridge to continue their protests.

protesting yellow jacket brexiteers move to Tower Bridge UK
Brexit protesters at Tower Bridge UK

Irish nationales joined in solidarity with The French and marched in Dublin, UK.

Hundreds of people joined the protests in Dublin, showing people have had enough of the EU and tax rises worldwide.

The protests originated 5 weeks ago in France over high fuel tax. The yellow jackets are a mandatory requirement for anyone who drives on french roads, each car must posses a hi-viz jacket/s by law!

Vinci profits grew 30% last year

Vinci, the group who own toll stations across the country, profited from 1.5 Billion last year through increases in toll charges.

Furious French citizens have expressed their anger over the charges, but Vinci has stated that since Yellow Jacket occupancy at the toll stations, anyone who drove through whilst the stations were manned, not paying their toll, have had their number plates automatically logged and will be seeking compensation from them!

Millions of people drove through the Yellow Jacket manned tolls. French environment minister, François de Rugy, said Vinci would find it incredibly difficult to collect the money due.

“In reality, it’s doubtless the state that will have to foot most of the bill… or it will somehow be passed on to motorists through toll charges.”

François de Rugy

Cabinet minister, Benjamin Griveaux, condemned Vinci’s decision on the charges stating:

“I invite the executives of the Vinci group to go to the roundabouts. It is necessary to hear what the French people have said.”

Benjamin Griveaux

French law bans police to go on strike

French police are exhausted, due to the French law stating anyone within the force can not strike! Police are being offered a small bonus of around £270 to the 110,000 officers and soldiers deployed during the Yellow Jacket protests.

The interior minister, Christophe Castaner, met with police union leaders to try and come to a compromise, due to the working conditions the Police have been met with. In a statement Christophe said:

“There are real grievances in the police”

Christophe Castaner

Emmanuel Macron, the president, launched the “grande consultation nationale” on Tuesday, meeting ministers, employers and union leaders to prepare for the debates, but the details of the exercise remain vague.

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