Youtube child abuse scandal deleted videos uncovered! Daddyofive Scandal.

Youtube child abuse scandal deleted videos uncovered! Daddyofive Scandal.

YouTube child abuse scandal deleted videos

A YouTuber by the name of Daddyofive has been the target of a new scandal to hit the internet! The YouTube child abuse scandal deleted videos have been unearthed in what I can only describe is a horrific way to generate YouTube views! The guy in question and equally the mother of the Daddyofive channel, have been using their children in a way that questions their capability as parents, not to mention the way they emotionally and physically abuse them!

Who is Daddyofive?

The guy behind the channel Daddyofive, Mike Martin creates videos at his family home which involve twisted games of child abuse, bullying and mental torment. You will see what I mean in the scandal video above.

I have found the Daddyofive YouTube channel but there's only one video!

Yes that is all you will find, as Mike Martin has removed all videos concerning his children and uploaded a new video. The new video is aimed at his viewers trying to prove his innocence, if he wasn't guilty then why has he removed all video evidence? There is obviously some degree of guilt from Mr Martin!

In one video he tells his son he shouldn't hit women, yes I agree, but he then goes on to state that you can hit your sister "she's only your sister, that's ok!" so the little lad proceeds to, quite heavy handily slap his sister around the face. Mr Martin puts this kind of obvious torment on YouTube to gain followers, though this is only a tamer video I'm talking about there's worse, much worse!

Is child protection investigating this YouTube child abuse scandal deleted videos?

In a statement from the CPS they were unaware of any videos online showing the families abuse, they are conducting an investigation to look into the matter further.

Post source : The Liberty Group

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